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Xmas Favorites

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I love Christmas. I like everything around this holiday season. I like the colors, the smells, the decorations, the lights and every detail of the Christmas.

My parents' house looks like a decoration magazine. Every detail has is place and there is always a very beautiful table full of good food. My Mother always liked to have everything beautiful and perfect. The Christmas day is always a rush, she wants to have everything perfect. When everything is ready, she retires for a few minutes and when she comes back, it seems that rush, has disappeared. She is wearing the most beautiful dress she has found in the closet and her hair is perfect. Now, we can celebrate Christmas have a magical night full of gifts.

With this little story, I show you some pieces that for me, can also be used on Christmas Eve.



1) ZARA - 69.90Fr here 2) ZARA - 129.00Fr here 3) ZARA - 69.90Fr here

4) MANGO - 79.95Fr here 5) ZARA - 99.90Fr here 6) MANGO - 79.95FR here

7) ZARA - 99.90FR here 8) ZARA - 39.90Fr here 9) MANGO - 29.90Fr here

10) ZARA - 69.90Fr here

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