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Healthy Hair? Yes Please!

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A good hairdresser spends a lot of time searching and testing new products. In order to recommend the best ones to my clients, I test them myself.

Together with 7 other bloggers, I was invited by Schwarzkopf to my first blogger-event. The event was to promote their new products and to introduce a new hair treatment technology.

Today I’ll explain all about this new technology and how my hair felt after the treatment.

Treatment in the salon

Look for a Schwarzkopf hairdresser in your area and ask about the “fiber force treatment”.

That's how it's done:

This initial treatment is done in the salon after the hairdresser does a hair analysis.

Attention: the initial treatment should just be done by a professional hairdresser.

Step 1: Repair

BC Fibre Force Bonding Cream is applied on dry hair - before washing. The Bonding Cream is applied together with the BC Fiber Force Bond Connector Infusion. These two components cause the hair to be treated right in the center of the hair.

Why is it applied to dry hair?

Wet hair contains a lot of water (inside the hair) which means that the treatment doesn’t go as deep as it should.

The hairdresser applies both components, braided hair until the hair is complete. The treatment should be applied on the most damaged areas. Usually it’s on the lengths and ends.

At the end of the application you’ll need to let it rest for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Hair fixation

After 15 minutes, remove the mask and wash the hair with BC Fiber Force Fortifying Shampoo.

This shampoo cleans gently damaged, overstaxed hair and rebuilds it from the inside. The BC Connector Technology improves the stability of the hair fibers and seals the dandruff.

Good to know: this shampoo doesn’t have parabens or sulphates, it means, that it doesn’t make that foam that we are used to have in the normal shampoos.

Step 3: Seal the hair

Before drying, apply BC Fiber Force Fortifying Sealer. This product seals the scaly layer and lays a protective film around each hair. It develops the hair and protects it against the heat when styling.

Step 3: Extend the effect

BC FiberForce Scalp & Hair Reset Serum improves the hair break. Signs the preservation of the quality of the natural hair at the roots. The hair feels strong, silky and it has a natural sheen.

After applying these two products the hair is dry as usual. You’ll soon feel a much silkier and softer hair as you’ll see it much brighter than before. Of course it’s not enough just by going to the hair salon to do the treatment once. You have to do your part at home too.

How to continue the treatment at home:

To keep that healthy hair, you must continue with the specific products every time you wash your hair.



Gentle and powerful sulphate-free shampoo



Rich intensive mask for repair of extremely damaged hair.

Heat protector:


An intense powerful milk without rinsing



Concentrated keratinserum. Contains apple stem extract for a clear improvement of the hair quality.

The last few weeks I’ve washed my hair with this products. To see the best results, you have to use this treatment for a minimum of 3 weeks.

I noticed that my hair is much brighter now than a few weeks ago. If you have lifeless, dull and very dry hair, it's time to treat it like it deserves.

Remember: You want beautiful hair in the summer? Then start treating it during the winter.

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