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Coconut Oil

Today I'll tell you a little about Coconut Oil

After many studies, there is no longer any doubt that coconut oil is extraordinary for our health.​

Coconut Oil improves the immune system, has antioxidant action, and countless cosmetic uses.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

- Hunger control

- Reduces bad cholesterol and increases the good

- It has antioxidant action

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

1 - For cooking! It can be heated to high temperatures

2 - Coconut oil can be added in your coffee, this can be a great pre workout

3 - To moisturize the body, it can be used as a body lotion

4 - As an eye make-up remover

5 - As a body scrub. Add a little brown sugar and your skin becomes very soft.

6 - Use coconut oil once a week as a hair mask

7 - Coconut oil can be used as a facial moisturizer: In addition to moisturizing the skin it prevents wrinkles.

8 - Chew coconut oil for 15 minutes every day for a healthy whitening and is still an optimal disinfectant.

9 - To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

10 - As a body massage oil.

Use your Coconut Oil in the best way for you.

I'm already a fan of coconut oil and I use it too cook and as a beauty product.

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