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3 Mascaras - False Lash Effect

In this video, I’ll test 3 different mascaras for you. We are searching for the “false eyelashes effect”: 3 different brands, 3 different brushes but the same result.

I like big eyelashes but I don’t want to wear false ones every day. So, the right mascara is very important for me.

In this video you’ll find the results I reached with each mascara. Find the link to order below.

Product Details:

Grandiôse - Extrême Mascara Noir Extrême 01 https://www.perfecthair.ch/de/beauty/make-up/augen/grandiose-extreme-mascara-noir-extreme-01 Clarins Mascara - Supra Volume N°01 Black https://www.perfecthair.ch/de/beauty/make-up/augen/clarins-mascara-supra-volume-n001-black YSL Mascara - Noir Radical 01


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