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My Wedding Dress

The dress was one of the first things I decided. I wasn’t sure what kind of Style I wanted, so I spent a lot of time researching on the web and on magazines. Searching for "the dress”.

I wasn’t feeling those typical princess dresses. I wanted something simple and comfortable.

I stoped searching for it at home and decided to go in a wedding-dress-store. I took my mum and my godmother with me. The first dress was beautiful but not “the dress”. Then I tried the second dress and there it was! I wowed, I cried and I was speechless. When I looked at my mom and godmother, they were also crying. So, I found THE DRESS.

It was a very simple dress. It had no lace and wasn’t very shiny. I decided to replace the original bow with a shiny belt.

The dress was simple, so as a shoe lover, I wanted some extravagant shoes. I felt deeply in love with Christian Louboutin and went for them. They matched perfectly to my dress.

Later on for the party, I changed from Louboutin to sneakers and danced all night long.

Hotel: Meliã Braga - www.meliabraga.com

Dress: Jesús Peiró by ZORO - www.jesuspeiro.com and www.zoro.ch

Shoes: Christian Louboutin - www.christianlouboutin.com

Wedding Rings: 123Gold - www.123gold.ch

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